Breitling Watches Review: Best Breitling Watches in 2020

If you’re seriously thinking about investing in a new Breitling watch, then you’ve come to the right place.

Because today, I will share with you a list of 5 top-rated models from this big brand that people from all over the world really love!

And the best part is, after scanning through my comparison table and short reviews below, I believe you enough information to make a great decision for yourself.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

Top (5) Best Breitling Watches Chosen by Customers

Product imagesProduct namesMovementWater resistanceEditor's ratingPrice
AB012012-BB01 Navitimer Chronograph WatchSwiss Automatic99 feet4.7 out of 5 starscta
CB014012-BA53-378C Chronomat 41 Automatic Black DialSwiss Automatic984 feet4.7 out of 5 starscta
Superocean II 42 A17365D1/C915-161ASwiss Automatic1,650 feet4.6 out of 5 starscta
CB014012-G713-378C Chronomat 41 Analog Display Swiss AutomaticSwiss Automatic984 feet4.6 out of 5 starscta
Superocean II 42 A17365C9/BD67-161ASwiss Automatic1,650 feet4.5 out of 5 starscta


1) AB012012-BB01 Navitimer

cta 2

This watch should appeal to most men. It’s very fashionable, bold, and also reliable.

I love the stainless steel (case, bezel, buckle, band), which allow the timepiece to put-up with everyday wear.

It does not get scratched, stained, or fade easily.

I also like the super smooth and sleek finish, which feels nice to the hand and is easy to clean and maintain.

Another great thing is the tough sapphire crystal, which is super clear and more resistant to scratches and discoloration in comparison to other alternatives.

The glass features a coating to keep the reflections and glare at bay.

The Swiss automatic movement is accurate and the weight of about 15 ounces should feel okay on the wrist.

With a power reserve of 70 hours, this automatic piece lasts longer than most watches out there.

One small concern, however, is that the hands and markers are not super luminous.


– Elegant and high quality
– Accurate timekeeping
– Solid built and durable


– Only 99 feet water resistance

2) CB014012-BA53-378C Chronomat 41

cta 2

Any man looking for a sophisticated, high quality, accurate and durable watch will find this one a great buy.

I like the fact that it’s made of stainless steel, which endures abrasion, falls, bangs, and more pretty well.

It keeps its color for a long time and is easy to wipe/clean.

Like many other consumers, I find the water resistance of 984 feet/ 300 meters quite good.

This makes it safe to walk in the rain, take a bath or shower, or swim with the watch. It also isn’t affected by moisture, sweat, dust, spills and other things thanks to the airtight sealing.

This also protects the accurate Swiss automatic movement.

The analog watch is relatively large, with the dial diameter being 41 mm.

It nevertheless, isn’t too heavy and weighs about 6.7 ounces.

Thanks to the decent weight and smooth finish, wearing the watch for long sessions shouldn’t be a challenge.


– Superior performance
– Accurate and smooth operation
– Sleek and durable


– It’s a little bit more pricey

3) Superocean II 42 A17365D1/C915-161A

cta 2

I love this timepiece because it’s suitable for both formal and informal wear.

It looks elegant courtesy of the nice blue dial, which complements the silver-tone stainless steel case, bracelet, bezel, and case back.

Another catchy aspect is the round shape and analog Swiss automatic movement, which give it a classic appeal.

You also don’t need to worry about your skin getting scratched or sweating thanks to the smooth finish.

This piece does maintain its shiny appeal and doesn’t fade or gets discolored easily.

One thing we like the unit for is the good precision and the acceptable power reserve of about 40 hours.

The sapphire crystal is resistant to abrasion, shattering, and also handles glare quite well.


– Large clear numerals
– Accurate timekeeping
– Fashionable and reliable


– It is somewhat bulky for small wrists

4) CB014012-G713-378C Chronomat Swiss Automatic

cta 2

Are you a man looking for high quality and reliable watch?

Well, this piece should is worth acquiring.

It runs seamlessly and loses a few seconds in a month thanks to the superior Swiss automatic movement and solid engineering.

The size and weight feel okay even on a small wrist.

I give it props for the solid stainless steel, which puts up with everyday use, bangs, abrasion, oils, grease, and environmental factors.

And with a water resistance of 300 meters (984 feet), taking a shower or bath, swimming, or walking in the rain with the watch should not be a problem.

The anti-reflective sapphire crystal together with the decent sized dial gives a clear view of the time, date, and other functions.


– Tough and durable case and band
– Easy to wear/remove
– Smooth non-pinching band


– The numbers are a bit small

5) Superocean II 42 A17365C9/BD67-161A

cta 2

Like most men, you will most likely like this watch.

It looks very elegant and should match your taste. Besides, it is among the most accurate pieces in the market.

Relying on the respected Swiss automatic movements, it will run smoothly and will remain within specs.

The power reserve is quite decent and it will remain operational for several days when not worn.

It is a sturdy and durable piece thanks to the stainless steel construction and the anti-reflective and scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

The unit is not discolored, scratched, or chipped easily.

It has a practical diameter of 42 mm and does not feel too large or too heavy.

It also has flexible bands for quick and convenient wearing and removal.


– Solidly built and durable
– Good performance and reliable
– Accurate and decent power reserve


– The glow in the dark isn’t super bright


I hope that my short Breitling watches review has helped you with making a better decision.

You know, buying a timepiece from this brand is never an easy task since the price is always high.

But if you can pick a decent one for yourself, then I’m sure it would be a great investment in a very long run!


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