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Women’s Automatic Watches Under $500

We already know how amazing automatic watches are.

They’re so convenient.

No worries about the batteries, all you need to do is to wear it and move around.

There are so many models with different features that sorting through them can be daunting.

We have compiled a list of excellent choices to help you to find the best women’s automatic watch for you.

  1. MY TOP PICK: Tissot Unisex Everytime Swissmatic – T1094071605100
  2. Tissot PR 100 Automatic Ladies Watch T101.
  3. Bulova Women’s Automatic Watch (Model: 98P170)
  4. Orient Women’s FNR1Q005W0 Charlene Automatic Watch
  5. Invicta Women’s Objet D’Art Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

Best Women’s Automatic Watches – Quick Comparison

Product imageProduct nameEditor's ratingPrice
Tissot Unisex Everytime Swissmatic - T1094071605100Tissot Unisex Everytime Swissmatic - T1094071605100[usr 4.9]best womens automatic watch
Tissot PR 100 Automatic Black Dial Ladies Watch T101. PR 100 Automatic Black Dial Ladies Watch T101.[usr 4.9]best womens automatic watch
Bulova Womens Automatic Watch 98P170Bulova Women's Automatic Watch (Model: 98P170)[usr 4.8]best women's automatic watch
Orient Womens FNR1Q005W0 Charlene Automatic WatchOrient Women's FNR1Q005W0 Charlene Automatic Watch[usr 4.8]best womens automatic watch
Swatch BAU Automatic Movement Unisex Watch SUTW405[usr 4.7]best womens automatic watch
Stuhrling Original 3982.3 Women Automatic WatchStuhrling Original 3982.3 Women Automatic Watch[usr 4.7]best women's automatic watch
Invicta Womens Objet d.Art Automatic Watch Model 22655Invicta Women's Objet d'Art Automatic Watch Model 22655[usr 4.6]best womens automatic watch


Tissot T1094071605100

Tissot Unisex Everytime Swissmatic - T1094071605100

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Tissot has always had a reputation for exceptional quality automatic watches at a reasonable price.

The Tissot Everytime Swissmatic is the star of this brand.

First, the movement is the modified version of Sistem51, made by Swatch.

The time accuracy is so excellent and robust, you don’t even need to adjust it for a whole month.

Next, it’s effortless to set the date, which we find rare for watches at this price.

Finished work at 7 and got a party at 7:30?

No worries, the design is minimalist and elegant.

You can wear them anywhere from informal to formal occasions.

Although the strap doesn’t quite satisfy us.

Some people might find it too small for their wrist.


  • The movement is robust and accurate
  • Elegant and minimalist design
  • The engine is smooth and quiet


  • The strap is quite

If you’re looking for your first Swiss timepiece, the Tissot Everytime Swissmatic is the perfect match for you.

Tissot T1012081105100

Tissot PR 100 Automatic Black Dial Ladies Watch T101.

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This automatic watch is not only classy but also powerful, the Powermatic 80 movement allows it to reserve up to 80 hours of power.

You don’t have to worry about having to adjust the time after not wearing it for a few days.

Along with being powerful, the Tissot Ladies Watch design can never get old.

Its stylish look will make you look like a fashionista in any era.

We find the luminescent hands on the watch very convenient.

They help us tell the time in the dark.

The model also comes with 7 different styles for you to choose from, all of them look unique yet still keep that modern simplification.

The only thing you should consider before buying this piece is that the number isn’t indicated on the dial.


  • Classic and stylish design
  • 80-hours power reserves
  • 7 different styles


  • No numbers on the dial

If you’re a fashion icon and love classy, stylish designs, go for it!

Bulova 98P170

Bulova Womens Automatic Watch 98P170

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This is one of the watches in the Ladies’ Diamond Collection of Bulova.

Yes, diamond!

Five pieces of diamonds are handset on the dial.

Needless to say, the bling of this watch is astounding.

There’s a small open aperture so you can see the heart-beat movement inside.

That’s literally looking at the heart of the watch.

The watch is designed to match any outfits and occasions: parties, business events, cafes, picnics, you name it!

It also adds a fancy touch to your outfits.

Bands are usually every watch’s problem, but this one does not let us down.

The bracelet fits most wrist sizes and is comfortable to wear.

As beautiful as this watch is, the movement is not so great.

You will most likely have to adjust the time every week or less.


  • Universal design
  • 5 diamonds attached
  • The band fits any wrist size


  • Movement is quite inaccurate

This is the timepiece you need if you like to look dazzling yet still elegant at any moment.

Shine in the crowd!

Orient FNR1Q005W0

Orient Womens FNR1Q005W0 Charlene Automatic Watch

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The Orient Charlene is a Japanese timepiece, and you know what they say about Japanese craftsmanship.

It’s an efficient and durable watch to wear for a long while.

The watch runs on Japanese automatic movement, so it’s no wonder that it’s excellently smooth and robust.

The highlight of this watch is the price.

It’s incredible how a watch with such quality comes with a budget price.

For the bracelet, it’s not our favorite.

The inside of the clasps is longer, making it uncomfortable when wrapping the bracelet around your wrist.


  • Budget price
  • Durable
  • Smooth action


  • The bracelet is quite uncomfortable

If you plan to keep the budget low but still want an everyday watch to wear for a long time, I would recommend this Japanese watch.

Swatch SUTW405

Swatch Originals Automatic Movement Unisex Watch SUTB400

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Swatch is famous for the superior quality of its Sistem51 movement.

The accuracy is so excellent, there’s no need to adjust the time in weeks.

The Swatch Originals Sistem51 has up to 90 hours of power reserve, so you can leave it for a few days with no problem.

It’s also super durable.

You can wear it for years, and it would still remain its futuristic beauty.

You also have the option to wind the movement yourself, and it’s a piece of cake to wind.

A lot of watches have problems with bands, this watch is no exception.

We are not entirely satisfied with the quality of the band.


  • Accurate movement
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Modern and clean design


  • Poor quality strap

I think you’d be interested in this model if you’re into collecting watches.

It’s also a long-lasting watch to have for casual wear.

Stuhrling 3982.3

Stuhrling Original 3982.3 Women Automatic Watch

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The full skeletonized dial makes the Stuhrling Original stand out from most automatic watches.

It brings out the beauty of the working mechanism within the watch.

The design fits every occasion, even sports.

The strap is made from leather covered by a layer of satin, making it look luxurious.

The only problem we have with the watch is the time accuracy.

The time shifts quite fast, so you’ll have to adjust it once every few days.


  • Versatile design
  • Fits every outfit
  • Skeleton dial


  • Time can be inaccurate

Apart from self-purchase, this would be a ‘one of a kind’ gift when you don’t know what to buy for your friends.

Invicta 22655

Invicta Womens Objet d.Art Automatic Watch Model 22655

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The Invicta 22655 is a member of the Invicta Objet d’Art collections, and is outstanding with its skeletonized dial.

Even with the revealing mechanism, the design still looks charming and elegant, not too stiff like many skeleton watches.

The main theme is rose gold, the perfect color for any outfits.

You don’t have to spend hours picking clothes to match your watch.

This watch also lets you manually wind.

You might have to wind it often since one of its drawbacks is that it loses power fast.

The white satin strap gives the Invicta 22655 a fancy look, but since the color is bright, the color of the satin transfers quite fast.


  • Includes manual wind
  • Skeletonized dial on both sides
  • Feminine and delicate design


  • Lose power quickly

I would recommend Invicta 22655 as an accessory to wear once in a while.

Having to wind an automatic watch doesn’t quite make sense, but the design makes it a true gem.

Runner Ups

In the category of Women’s automatic watches, there are quite a few that are excellent. Here are some others to consider:

And if price is not an obstacle, then you can consider the Citizen Seris 8 line of automatic watches:

How to Choose the Best Automatic Watches for Women

best automatic womens watches under 500

Movement is The Heart

Watch movement is described as the heart of a wristwatch.

That’s why it is the first thing you should consider when finding the best automatic watch for women.

The first thing to look into is the BPH (beats per hour).

The higher the BPH is, the more accurate and reliable the watch is.

Most automatic watches have 21,600, 28,800, or 36,000 BPH.

The second concern is the power reserve hours.

The average number would be 42 hours for a standard automatic watch.

Lastly, movement material impacts the accuracy of a watch.

Historically, the most accurate and reliable watches have been from Switzerland, Germany, and Japan. In recent years, many start up watch manufacturers have been created around the world to challenge the status quo.

Choose The Right Material

Stainless steel is widely used for wristwatches because it adds a solid look to the watch at an affordable price, while providing excellent corrosion resistance.

Gold is also an option and watch manufacturers often choose gold as the primary material for women’s watches.

There are many shades of gold for you to choose from: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and pink gold.

A platinum watch is an exquisite choice. It’s exceptionally durable and hypoallergenic, but it’s also quite heavy and pricey.

Ceramic is a newer material, offering a unique look. The downside to ceramic watches is that they can shatter if struck or dropped..

The Face of The Watch

An automatic watch can include stopwatches, power reserve indicator, or even moon-phase display.

In addition to the features, the face of your watch can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. The watch face does more than any other aspect of your watch to define its style.

Strap or Bracelet?

The band is also an essential factor.

Leather, resin, and various metals are common materials for your watch band.

Besides the look, the fit and feel of the band on your watch is critical. A poor fit, or a band that irritates your skin, will make your watch unwearable. Choose your watch band carefully!


What does an automatic watch mean?

Automatic watches do not need to be wound. The movement of your arm as you wear it provides the energy to power the watch.

How do automatic watches work?

An automatic watch is powered by the movements of your arms.

When you make arm motions, the weight inside your watch oscillates, putting pressure on the mainspring, and transfers energy to the power reserve.

Your watch uses the power from the power reserve to operate.

The biggest trend right now is retro watches.

Typically, Casio Classic watches.

For designer watches, the trend-leader is Gucci. Their designs are not only up to date but also look super chic.

A watch can be an elegant accessory for any outfit.

How often should you wear an automatic watch?

Usually, for an automatic watch to work, you have to wear it almost continuously.

But depending on the power reserve of your watch, you can take it off for a day or two.

Many watch companies even go the extra mile and create 90 hours of power reserve.

That’s almost 4 days!

Do automatic watches last forever?

It should last forever, but still, it depends on the quality of the watch and the care the watch owner gives to it.

An automatic watch manufactured with excellent materials, with a water resistance rating of at least 50 meters, that is stored in a cool dry place, can last practically forever.

The Bottom Line

Automatic watches are works of art and precision.

So to decide your best automatic watches for women, it depends mostly on you.

Now all you have to do is to base on these criteria to reach the final decision:



Dial designs

Band styles

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