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Armani Exchange Watches Review

In 1991, the world-famous iconic designer, Giorgio Armani created the Armani Exchange sub-brand.

Inspired by street and dance culture, the watches in the line are incredibly stylish.  Armani Exchange watches are “flexible fashion” watches designed for modern and fashionable wearers.

The designs in this line range from loud and bold, to elegant and classy.

In this short Armani Exchange watch review, we take a look at some of the most iconic models from this world-class brand.

  1. MY TOP PICK: AX1326 Black Silicone Watch
  2. AX1325 Silvertone White Nylon Watch
  3. AX2058 Silver Watch
  4. AX2501 Brown Leather Watch
  5. AX1505 Brown Leather Watch

Best Armani Exchange Watches – Quick Comparison Table

Product imageNameMovement / Display typeWater resistant depthPrice
AX1326 Black Silicone WatchAX1326 Black Silicone WatchQuartz / Analog165 feetcta
AX1325 Silvertone White Nylon with Silicone Straps WatchAX1325 Silvertone White Nylon with Silicone Straps WatchQuartz / Analog165 feetcta
AX2058 Silver WatchAX2058 Silver WatchQuartz / Analog165 feetcta
AX2501 Brown Leather WatchAX2501 Brown Leather WatchQuartz / Analog165 feetcta
AX1505 Brown Leather WatchAX1505 Brown Leather WatchQuartz / Analog330 feetcta


Armani Exchange Watch Review

1) AX1326

Armani Exchange Watch

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Kicking off this set of reviews is arguably the most flexible watch in the line.

The AX1326 features an elegant design that revolves around simple contrast.

The black stainless steel case on the watch is accentuated by the silver crown and tachymeter buttons which contrasts the black dial with white hands and hour markers perfectly.

The sleek and classy design on this watch allows it to work perfectly as a dress watch for formal events, especially with the A|X logo being a centerpiece on the dial’s design  Meanwhile, the watch will also look great with a business suit for when you’re on the job.

2) AX1325

Armani Exchange Watch

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With a bright white finish, multi-face dial, and silicone strap rest assured that wearing this watch will definitely turn heads.

The AX1325 is a watch with an incredibly polished and fashionable look.

The dial has a ribbed texture that adds a very fine, yet noticeable detail on the watch while the iconic Armani Exchange logo sits perfectly at the 12 o’clock position.

Pulling off a loud white watch such as this may be intimidating, but as loud as it is, the AX1325 is more flexible than one might think. The watch also uses a Japanese quartz movement, which is about as good as it gets with fashion watches.

This is the perfect watch for those who won’t shy away from a bright look, while also allowing room for a lot of experimentation.

3) AX2058

Armani Exchange Watch

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For a classic and timeless watch design, the AX2058 is by far the go-to watch in this line.

With a classic 45mm stainless steel case, mineral crystal, and classy dial design, this watch was made for those who love the classics.

Watches in this line are known for beautifully designed dials, and this watch doesn’t fall short by any means.

Pairing a white background with white hour markers, a ribbed texture, and black markers on the three subdials is reminiscent of the old-school watch designs that we all fell in love with at one point.

Everything is kept simple in this watch, from the details to the design, to the reliable Japanese quartz movement, which gives watch collectors and wearers a simple watch that’s sure to catch people’s attention.

This watch would go perfectly with an everyday work suit, while also being a great addition to your favorite suit saved for only the most formal occasions.

4) AX2501

Armani Exchange Watch

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For a watch with a design that’s eye-catching while simultaneously falling under the umbrella of “old-school” inspiration, look no further than this watch.

The watch forms a perfect contrast with its deep blue dial, brown strap, and stainless steel case.

The watch, like most others in the line, uses the A|X logo as an eye-catching detail at the 12 o’clock position, while also having the ribbed texture that’s seen on most watches in this line as well.

The 45mm case is the perfect diameter for a standard large men’s watch nowadays.

But with all the eye-catching details on this watch (such as the Armani Exchange initials on the crown) the watch’s size is less noticeable.

Another truly flexible watch by Armani as the watch can easily be paired with both formal and casual outfits.

5) AX1505

Armani Exchange Watch

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The Armani Exchange subbrand was created with innovative and modern designs in mind, and that philosophy is very evident in the AX1505.

For starters, the case measures 48mm in diameter, which is large even by today’s standards, but since it’s paired with a modern dial design, the largeness is barely noticeable.

It’s no secret that Armani knows how to pair their colors well, and they did just that with the blue, silver and brown tones of the watch.

This watch is designed to stand out with any outfit, so it’s best paired with a nicely tailored business suit.

Armani Exchange Hampton Watch Review – Top 5 Products

ProductsNameMovement / Display typeWater resistant depthPrice
Armani Exchange AX2137 Goldtone Hampton Chronograph WatchAX2137 Goldtone Hampton Chronograph WatchQuartz / Analog165 feetcta
Armani Exchange AX2135 Hampton Grey Textured Dial Mens WatchAX2135 Hampton Grey Textured Dial Mens WatchQuartz / Analog165 feetcta
Armani Exchange AX2132 Men's Three-Hand Stainless Steel WatchAX2132 Men's Three-Hand Stainless Steel WatchQuartz / Analog165 feetcta
Armani Exchange AX2144 Men's Black WatchAX2144 Men's Black WatchQuartz / Analog165 feetcta
Armani Exchange AX2104 Men's Three-Hand Stainless Steel WatchAX2104 Men's Three-Hand Stainless Steel WatchQuartz / Analog165 feetcta

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1) AX2137

Armani Exchange Watch

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One of the most important aspects of a watch’s design for me is by far the contrast, and the AX2137 possesses one of the most timeless color combinations of all time: black and gold.

As stated earlier, fashion watches are not known for their longevity and overall functionality, but they are known for their stunning designs. The AX2137 features a goldtone stainless steel case and band, which harmonizes perfectly with the black dial with golden markers, hands, and subdials.

The quartz watch features the iconic “AX” logo at the 12’oclock position and the brand name printed in gold at the 3’oclock position.

While it’s expected that this watch would look great on the wrist, it doesn’t fall short in function either (like a lot of fashion watches), as it uses the ever accurate quartz movement, has a tachymeter, and is water resistant up to 15m.

The AX2137 looks perfect paired with a black suit, and would also be the best watch for any formal function.

2) AX2135

Armani Exchange Watch

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While a lot of fashion watches are designed with a specific style in mind, once in a while there comes a fashion watch with a truly flexible design, and that’s exactly what the AX2135 is.

The watch’s flexibility stems from its color, the neutral and elegant grey that’s on the stainless steel band and case, along with the ion-plated gunmetal bezel, make the watch blend in with almost any outfit while still looking beautiful.

The face of the watch is also grey, with black markers and a date window at the 3’oclock position. At first glance, the watch may seem hard to read because of the color choice, but the black markers and hands make it surprisingly easy to read.

The case measures 46mm in diameter which is pretty large, but the large men’s watch has been making a comeback in recent years, and despite its size, it looks great on the wrist.

3) AX2132

Armani Exchange Watch

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One thing this brand does not fall short on with their watches is class, and it can’t be more evident than in the AX2132.

For starters, stainless steel case and band shine very brightly and look great with both formal and casual wear. The navy blue face of the watch contrasts beautifully with the case and makes the watch really easy to read.

On the face are silver markers and hands, with the brand name printed at the 9 o’clock position on a silver band that runs along the watch face, ending at the 3 ‘o’clock position, where the date window is.

The case measures 46mm in diameter which is the size of most large men’s watches, which is a great fit on an average man’s wrist.

When it comes to function, this watch covers the basics, which is accurate time-keeping (powered by a quartz movement), and a date window. Just the basics. Nothing more, nothing less.

4) AX2144

Armani Exchange Watch

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When it comes to style, a lot of times less is more, and this watch says so much by being incredibly simple.

The watch has a standard quartz movement, mineral crystal, and a beautiful gold on black design. The stainless steel case, bezel, and strap have a deep black color, which is the same for most of the watch’s face, as the only other color on this watch is the gold hands, markers, and the printed logo at the 12 o’clock position.

This watch is arguably one of the best watches to pair with a suit, and would definitely turn heads at any formal event.

5) AX2104

Armani Exchange Watch

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Every season, we hear that this color or that trend is the new black. The reason being, the color black in fashion is absolutely immortal.

The color can go in virtually in any outfit and it’s this versatility that made the color so popular in design. A|X perfectly used the color in the AX2104, by using the color on almost the entire watch except for the numbers on the date window.

This is a large men’s watch, so it’s expected that the case’s diameter would be large, which it is. The 46mm case, which is stainless steel colored black, does not look large at all on the wrist, and despite the color palette, the face is very easy to read.

This is because the designers of this watch chose the perfect shades of black to blend together perfectly.