Are Quartz Watches Waterproof?

It is undeniable that the question “Are quartz watches waterproof” is one of the most common questions among the quartz-watch lovers’ community.

In order to help you find out the exact answer, we have conducted a reliable review post about the waterproofing feature of quartz watches.

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Are Quartz Watches Waterproof?

It is crystal clear that the water-resistance of each watch is obviously different among several models on the market.

The phrase “Water Resistance” is also not meaningful enough to define the waterproof feature of one quartz watch.

Therefore, you may not expect your beloved quartz watches to be totally waterproof.

To be defined, a watch water resistance indicator is usually displayed on the watch-interface or engraved on its back.

Depending on the country-of-origin, the manufacturer would have different symbols for Water Resistance.

The most common indicator symbols are BAR; ATM or the M “meters” of water depth.

Each BAR or ATM is equivalent to 10 meters in depth below the water. In detail:

Type 1: 30M, 3ATM, 3BAR (or only written as “Water Resistance”) –  Watches have only water resistant for hand washing or raining weather.

Type 2: 50M, 5ATM, 5BAR – Watches are usually used in swimming, river diving (not used in scuba diving or complex water sports )

Type 3: 100M, 10 ATM, 10BAR – Watches are used in swimming, water diving, scuba diving but not used in complex water sports.

Type 4: over 200M, 20ATM, 20BAR – Watches can be used in swimming, water diving, scuba diving, used when playing complex water sports.

Therefore, according to the indicator on the watch’s information, you can easily define which waterproof level your watch is in.

In fact, most quartz watches on the market now have waterproof ranging mostly from 30M to 50M.


In brief, the answer to the question “Are quartz watches waterproof” may depend on which types of quartz watches you possess.

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