Are Quartz Watches Expensive? – Let’s Find Out The Truth!

Lots of people would wonder “Are quartz watches expensive” when first seeing it.

In fact, quartz watches are often praised as a masterpiece of the watch.

It is not simply a normal object for time-checking usage, but a fine art reflecting social status of users.

What is the exact value of one quartz watch in general?

Origin of the Watch

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Are Quartz Watches Expensive?

To be honest, quartz watches, which use the battery for operation, are not as expensive as watches using mechanical operation.

Quartz Watch Inventors have made this item become more popular, easy to reach for all walks of life.

Quartz watches also position itself as an “affordable watch” rather than being a Luxury item.

The United States and Japan are considered to be two leading countries in the quartz watch industry by owning the largest factories in the world.

Therefore, with large manufacturing, quartz watches are quite cheaper than other kinds of watches in general.

Additionally, most materials used to manufacture quartz are of modern origin and relatively affordable, including:

  • The vital components are made from metal, alloy, quartz crystal, synthetic quartz, plastic.
  • The outer protective frame is made of plastic, stainless steel, alloy.
  • LCD monitors are liquid crystals combined with several pieces of glass.
  • Electrical contact parts are made from gold or gilded.
  • Microchips are made from silicon, LEDs made from gallium phosphide, gallium arsenide, or gallium arsenide phosphide.

Therefore, quartz watches have a competitive advantage of more affordable prices because they are manufactured using modern and cheap materials.

Quartz watches are quite affordable and suitable for the budget of many customers.

Final Thoughts

In brief, I hope that this post will help you to figure out the answer to the question: “Are quartz watches expensive?”.

Against many people’s belief, this type of watch is actually reasonably priced.

So, if you are looking forward to getting one, there is no need for hesitation!

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