“Are Quartz Watches Collectible?” – Let’s Find Out the Answer

When it comes to the collectible feature in the watch world, quartz watches are underrated compared to mechanical or automatic watches.

However, if you are a quartz lover, you may question: “Are Quartz watches collectible?”

Stop worrying, my friend, because you will find the answer right in this article.


Are Quartz Watches Collectible?

They are collectible! Here are the reasons why:

  • Quartz watch offers the most accurate time.
  • They are exceptionally cheap compared to other kinds of watches.
  • You do not have to pay much attention to maintenance as they are also extremely battery-powered. It takes at least five years for the batteries to start draining.
  • Quartz watch models are versatile.

For all these reasons, we have a strong belief in Quart watches.

They are worth calling collectible.

Why Are Quartz Watches Considered Not Collectible In The Past?

In the early 1970s, there was a significant separation between mechanical and electronic watches.

In the meantime, the mass production of automatic watches increased dramatically in many places, which eventually diminished the mechanical watches production.

Mechanical watches were unfortunately forgotten, including quartz watches.

Only a few experts and guru of quartz purchased quartz watches in that period.

Around the 1990s, things changed again.

Watch collecting became popular and people paid attention back to the mechanical quartz watches.

And until now, some of the design of quartz watches is qualified to be collectible.

Examples of collectible Quartz watches

Rolex Quartz

rolex quartz watch

How did Rolex – the king of mechanical-watch handle the arrival of quartz in the 1970s?

The first Rolex watch, Rolex ref. 5100, was made in the 1970s, one year after the release of Beta 21.

The reference 5100 has to be one of our favorite quartz watches in the entire collection of Rolex quartz watches.

Since it is the first one to be manufactured, isn’t it collectible enough?

It might not be the best design of Rolex, it just gives off the vibe of the original one and we believe that is what makes it unique.

Anyone who owns this will feel powered by the quartz’s energy.

Soon after the birth of the reference 5100, Rolex continued to bring the OysterQuartz to life.

OysterQuartz has become one of the most collectible quartz watches in that time at such an affordable price, around the start point of $3000.

Omega Quartz

In 1970, Omega introduced Megaquartz Marine Chronometer, its first quartz watch.

It was recognized as the most accurate watch in that time.

However, in a few years, its popularity starts to decline and that is when its value starts rising.

It was a beautifully hand-crafted quartz watch and Omega has based on its design to innovate more upcoming quartz products.


Are Quartz watches collectible?

The answer to our belief is yes!

We assume that quartz watches have been wrongly recognized among the watch collecting industry.

And it can be you to bring back the reputation of quartz watches, being collectible and worthy.

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