Are Quartz Watches Battery Powered?

You are considering to purchase a quartz watch and start seeking for its information?

When it comes to the long-term usage of this timepiece, suddenly a question flashes in your mind, specifically, are quartz watches battery powered?

If you are in need of finding the answer, we can help with the article below.

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Are Quartz Watches Battery Powered?

Well, the answer is definitely yes, but not completely.

What does it mean?

In fact, most of the quartz watches are powered by a battery.

The function of a battery is to send an electrical signal, which is embedded in the circuit, through a tiny crystal of quartz.

Typically, these watches need a replacement as the battery runs out of power after a few years.

But don’t worry, the price is undeniably cheap and you can change it yourself with ease.

On top of that, some of the quartz watches use eco-drive technology, especially Citizen.

To be more specific, this company takes the lead to the usage of solar energy to charge the quartz watch.

In the circuit, there are the solar panels absorbing and storing light energy in the capacitor.

For this reason, your watch can automatically charge when you are standing in both indoor and outdoor light.

And once you move away from the light source, this circuit will take the energy from the capacitor.

As a result, the quartz watch runs well for months without any exposure.

How amazing it is!

Bottom Line

We have got into details about the query: “Are quartz watches battery powered?”

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Now, don’t hesitate to grab one quartz watch if you have a passion for it.

I bet that every quartz watch will not let you down.

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