Are Quartz Watches Accurate? The Truth Revealed

Have you ever questioned your Quartz watch’s precision? Are Quartz watches accurate?

Well, I have to say that you are lucky to own a Quartz as this is one of the most carefully executed watches in the world and its accuracy is beyond your imagination.

Why Are Quartz Watches Accurate?

A mechanical watch works based on the energy of manual winding or a user’s moving actions. A quartz watch, on the other hand, is entirely powered by a battery, so it does not depend on movements to receive energy. 

Quartz can create its natural frequency that even the most well-crafted mechanical watch cannot. When it comes to oscillations, quartz watches undoubtedly take the crown. 

How Accurate Are Quartz Watches?

First, quartz watches’ accuracy level is far more beyond that of mechanical watches. Accuracy can be understood as running sooner or later the exact time point. 

While automatic or mechanical watches suffer from going sooner or later a few seconds per day, quartz watches can raise the standard, remain false with a ratio of a few seconds per year. Impressive, isn’t it?

On the contrary to what you may think, a few seconds per day sounds insignificant. However, when it multiplies to 365 days, you will soon realize that the accuracy has never been there. But with Quartz watch, accuracy is the number one priority. 

If you are still wondering about Quartz watches’ quality, we have more to prove. The miscalculation of Quartz watches is too small to be recognized instantly. It may take a few weeks for us to realize the collective gain or loss. 

You can never miss a meeting with Quartz watch. You can be the most punctual one. 


Are Quartz watches accurate? We can confidently come to a yes. Being verified as one of the most precise watches, it’s your pleasure to use a Quartz watch. We hope you enjoy your experience of using this delicate and divine timepiece.