Are Automatic Watches Waterproof?

An automatic watch itself has an outstandingly smart mechanism of operation in which the natural motion from the wearer provides energy.

Compared to other types of watches, an automatic one is suitable for those who want to purchase a multifunctional watch with an elegant design.  Are automatic watches waterproof? Stay tuned and you will find out the answer.

Are Automatic Watches Waterproof?

The answer is yes.

WR stands for Water Resistance, which means the ability to against water of an automatic watch. The water-resistance of the watch is clearly printed on the bottom of the dial to help you easily grasp the necessary information about the product.

Watches with WR symbol can withstand water at a medium level or higher, ensuring good use for daily needs.

The water resistance mechanism of a watch is made up of three main factors: the case back, the winding crown and the gaskets. Learning about the structure of these 3 parts, you will understand the water resistance rating of each watch.            

The back of the watch

+/ If the back of the watch is a regular lid, the waterproof ability of this watch is only minimal. Typically this feature is 3ATM – allows contact with water but do not soak too deep.

+/ If the back cover is attached to the face by strong screws, the watch will have a higher level of water resistance. The impermeable feature of these watches will be 100 / 330ft – allowing a light swim and a comfortable dip in the pool.

Winding knob

This is one of the important factors to ensure the water-resistance of the watch. The watertight part is the small hole in the stem. If you wind up a lot, the gasket will be under the pressure of being scratched and irritated. When the spacer is affected, the winding crown is not tightened properly and water can enter.

The gasket

This is a part shaped like a circular ring made from rubber or nylon. The gasket is the unit attached to the glass, back cover, and winding crown. If the watch is used for a long time, the gasket will gradually wear out and break over time, reducing the watch water resistance ability.

Small Tips For Preserving Your Automatic Waterproof Watch

As automatic watch maintenance is important for various reasons, you should take good care of it by knowing the proper procedures for a long-lasting piece of item. Keep reading till the end!

  • Check the water-resistance of the watch once a year.
  • Do not shower or swim unless the water resistance is 100m and the watch has a threaded crown design.
  • Do not subject the watch to extreme temperature changes and sudden pressure changes
  • Do not expose the watch to corrosive chemicals such as soaps or water containing chlorine.
  • Always make sure that the crown is held tight. Check the watch thoroughly before going into the water.


We believe that you now understand the water-resistance mechanism of an automatic watch and know how to prolong the use.

Your confusion about the question “Are automatic watches waterproof?” is now decoded. If there is any problem with your watch, feel free to leave a comment to let us know.