Are Automatic Watches Shock-Resistant? Here’s the Answer

You intend to buy or already have one and wonder “are automatic watches shock-resistant?”. If everything is right, continue reading this article and we will answer this question for you!

But, you should know this first:

Automatic Watches Are Sensible To Shakes And Movements

Compared to their quartz counterparts, automatic watches are apparently less resilient. If thrown at a concrete wall or dropped at a height of more than two meters, chances are you will have to take it to a professional for future use. 

This is the reason why they are not popular among adventurers, although there are special models designed to be more resilient than regular ones.

It’s okay to play tennis wearing your automatic watch

But Are Automatic Watches Shock-resistant? – To Some Extent!

However, an automatic watch is not fragile as many may think. It is able to tolerate minor impacts such as vibrations or shakes during physical activities including playing tennis, mountain biking, and other sports. Uneven roads with multiple potholes are also not that big of a deal.

Shakes And Shocks Have Certain Effects On Your Watch

Although it is pretty safe to use your automatic watch under movements, the shock’s effects are not to be ignored. Strong vibration can be damaging: they can wear down your watch, severely affect the timing and other functions, and consequently increase demand for regular service. 

Regarding this, you may want to consider putting the watch back in your pocket before playing tennis, splitting wood, or hammering. 


In general, the answer to the question “Are automatic watches shock-resistant?” often varies. They can tolerate shocks and shakes to some degree. However, if you plan to attend some adventure trips, be aware of the damage it will cause to your watch.

Do you really need to wear your expensive automatic watch while doing physical activity? Make the calculation and decide for yourself!