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Are Automatic Watches Handmade? A Thorough Explanation

Most manual watches are made in Switzerland, the United States, Germany, or China. So, are automatic watches handmade? Although factories can automate the creation of hundreds of watches a day, many handmade watches still exist.

Actually, the making of an automatic handmade watch is balanced by the use of machines and manual labor. The more percentage of manual labor on a watch, the more expensive it is. There are big differences between handmade watches and watches manufactured by machines. 


Insides Handmade Automatic Watches

In a handmade watch workshop, each part of the watch is assembled by a different expert. To accomplish this stage, it takes much time and effort. Therefore, manual watches are much more valuable and rare because a worker can only make very few watches a year.

 It is very admirable that every craftsmanship of watchmaking takes up to 2-3 years to perfect one product. Because of their great work, handmade watches are limited to 10-50 pieces per edition.

The Delicate Beauty Of Handmade Automatic Watches 

Moreover, the class of handmade watches is outstanding because of the delicate and sophisticated beauty that comes from every detail inside it. It can be explained by the reason that most of the internal parts are made by hand.

Besides, the watchmakers have meticulously worked to complete a handmade watch with extremely complicated parts as well as create different chronological functions. This has brought a high standard for handmade mechanical watches.  

Therefore, you need to pay a large amount of money to own one of these handmade mechanical watches.

This type of luxury jewelry is actually more attractive than you think. You can even customize it to fit your personal needs, such as gearboxes, watch materials, or engraving.

So, Are Automatic Watches Handmade?

Maybe it is easy to find out. They are drawn from watchmaking techniques from the 20th century. Creating a handmade watch is a masterpiece of the laborious process of combining countless intricate details inside every watch engine.

With countless tiny parts moving smoothly inside, handmade mechanical watches are like a miniature mechanical world. They are a truly great achievement in the mechanical world.