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Are Automatic Watches Better Than Mechanical Watches?

When choosing to buy a watch, there is a question that so many people often wonder: Are automatic watches better than mechanical? This article will explain the differences between them and answers the confusing question above.


The mechanical watch

Mechanical watches are watches whose structure is very complex, with a tremendous number of individual parts assembled directly or indirectly. These small parts are designed to create a unified block and orchestrate harmoniously to create the movement of the hands.

In a mechanical movement watch, the passage of time is measured by a spring-driven mechanism. It is necessary to periodically wind the spring, which is also named a mainspring. 

The automatic watch

Automatic watches are self-winding timepieces in which kinetic energy is exploited from the natural motion when the user’s wrist moves. These motions help the mainspring in the watch automatically wound. Thanks to this mechanism, we do not have to wind manually.

Are automatic watches better than mechanical?

First, we should know that automatic watches are also considered mechanical ones because the internal mechanism of automatic watches and mechanical watches are identical. The former is dubbed as the upgraded version of the latter because:

With regular mechanical watches, you need to manually wind the spring each day, and therefore we do not rule out the possibility that you can damage it.

Meanwhile, when using the automatic watches, you can skip the task of providing the energy which requires to wind the watch so many times. Your arm has already done everything.


That’s it. With the information as mentioned above, we ensure that you have understood how to differentiate automatic watches and mechanical ones. From that, you yourselves can decide the answer to the question: Are automatic watches better than mechanical?