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5 Best Watches Released In 2021 You Should Know About

best watches releases of 2020

A watch is a timeless piece of jewelry that can do more than tell time. It’s a fashionable and practical accessory that can make (or break) numerous fashion statements.

Each year, different watch brands and manufacturers aim to dominate markets with their products. Nonetheless, some watches stand out better than the rest. With that in mind, here are five of the best watches to own this 2020:

Garmin Vivoactive 4

Garmin is a name synonymous with excellent fitness trackers for many health-conscious individuals. It seems that 2020 will be a good year for fitness buffs, thanks to the Garmin Vivoactive 4.

As per NanaDC, the Vivoactive 4 is a multi-sport smartwatch that allows users to take advantage of its many features. It uses Bluetooth technology to sync with smart devices, like your smartphone.

At first, Garmin’s smartwatch contender for 2020 might seem like a conventional fitness tracker with time-telling capabilities. But, this smart wearable separates itself from the rest of the crowd by being relatively affordable as it takes on the mid-range markets.

Users can enjoy features like reading texts, getting notifications, and streaming music from this device. The Vivoactive 4 also has some functionalities, which may tend to be in the brand’s higher-end models. Some of these premium features include:

  • Fast GPS syncing
  • Onboard music storage
  • Multiple sensors to track distance, fitness, sleep, and overall health
  • Water resistance
  • Location sharing

Moreover, the Vivoactive 4’s battery life is quite impressive as users can enjoy a full week of usage on a full charge. In comparison, many smartwatches and fitness trackers, even on the same price range as the Vivoactive 4, may only last one or two days before needing another charge.

Mondaine Stop2Go

Although smart wearables might be looking into the future, watch enthusiasts can’t let go of the vintage and timeless appeal of quartz watches. One particular quartz wristwatch to consider adding to your collection is the Mondaine Stop2Go.

At first glance, the Stop2Go might look like a relatively straightforward wristwatch. But, glancing at the price tag may put off some interested buyers. Make no mistake as this watch can be an expensive investment as standard retail prices might not go below USD$700.

Nonetheless, it’s tough to deny that the Stop2Go is a beautiful wristwatch. It has a case diameter of 41 mm, and the watch face has an anti-reflective sapphire coating for that extra durability and luster.

Fans of minimalist design will want to have this watch sitting on their wrists. It screams minimalist aesthetics in almost everywhere you look at the accessory. But, its straightforward visual appeal might only be the surface of its allure. The device’s materials to its functionality deliver premium offerings worthy of its high price tag.

Timor Heritage Field Watch

the watches you should know about in 2020

Wristwatch enthusiasts who maintain watchful eyes in the industry know that the Timor Heritage Field Watch isn’t a new product. This 70-year-old watch remains faithful to its roots when it first arrived in the scene during the Second World War.

The year 2020 has allowed the Heritage Field to reenter the wristwatch market. But, this time, it comes with some minor upgrades.

This particular product comes with a 36.5 mm diameter watch face, which is slightly smaller than several modern wristwatches. In comparison, many of today’s watches have about 38 to 40 mm diameter watch faces.

Nonetheless, the smallish design delivers an unobtrusive appeal. This design choice allows fashionistas to complete their ‘outfits of the day’ without putting too much attention on their wrists.

One glance at the watch and your eyes will meet a gorgeous black dial with a railroad track design sticking near the circumference of the wristwatch’s face. As a bonus, the hands, numbers, and railroad track design glow in the dark. This handy feature can become practical in different scenarios, such as checking the time while inside a theater.

The Heritage Field also joins the ranks of the Mondaine Stop2Go in the premium sector. Prepare to spend about USD$800 for this fashionable and functional wrist accessory.

TAG Heuer Carrera Silver

TAG Heuer wants to make a statement with the Carrera Silver and its 39mm case design. However, it’s not just the design that’ll catch your eye, but also its price tag.

The Timor Heritage Field Watch and the Mondaine Stop2Go may already look pricey for some people, but the Tag Heuer Carrera Silver can break some banks. Prepare to spend over USD$6,000 to get this expensive investment on your wrist. In return, you’re going to sport a very beautiful accessory that may last for generations (with proper care and maintenance).

Its case has a polished look and feel. Furthermore, TAG Heuer fans should know the brand’s iconic faceted lugs that are still on this particular wristwatch. Also, the Carrera Silver might look extra-thick at first glance. It’s because the accessory creates an illusion of extra thickness, thanks to its restrained diameter. The watch still retains a relatively traditional thickness of 14 mm.

This watch also has an unobtrusive design with its silver-plated, sunray-brushed pattern dial. TAG Heuer’s design choice for its Carrera Silver allows the accessory to cast nice reflections, depending on the ambient light.

But, its size and aesthetics seemingly “tell” other people to look at your wrist and marvel at this piece of timeless beauty. Nonetheless, remember to maintain proper watch-wearing etiquette if you wear this wristwatch so you won’t have to deal with offended stares.

Orient Mako II

You may not need to spend a fortune on a good wristwatch for 2020. Take the Orient Mako II as a case on point.

Owning this wristwatch may set you back about USD$160, which isn’t that bad considering the other expensive options. You might not get premium features, but the watch still holds its ground by delivering excellent value.

The Mako II presents itself with a stainless steel design. But, perhaps, its most impressive feature is its waterproof rating. At its core, the Mako II is a diving watch, and you can bring this accessory with you on diving expeditions of up to 201m (roughly 660ft). You can also manually wind the watch if its power reserves run out

Wrapping Up

The watches covered in this article are excellent choices for 2020. These accessories offer excellent value for their users. Still, ensure to purchase the best watch within your budget. It’s still not a good idea to deplete your entire life savings for an accessory. Shop smart and you can flaunt the right wristwatch within your spending allowance.