4 Reasons Why Military Wear Watches Inside Wrist

Have you ever noticed that military wear watches inside the wrist?

Why so?

Well, the following are the reasons why:

1. Minimizes damage

Look at your wristwatch.

Chances are that the outer region, which is the face, bezel, crown, and the external surface of the band have more scratches, chips, stains, and tarnish compared to the interior of the band or the case back.

When opening the door, moving past other people or objects, the upper side of the wrist is more exposed than the inner side.

This means that the watch is more prone to damage than when worn inside the wrist.

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2. Improves rifle/ gun handling

Most military personnel are right-handed and this means that they will wear the watch on the left wrist.

To aim the firearm, you need to support with the left wrist.

If wearing a timepiece, chances are that it will come into contact with the rifle.

You won’t have a complete feel of the firearm and this may affect your aim.

Wearing it inside the wrist offers better handling and control.

3. Better focus

When adorning a watch the normal way, you will subconsciously know that you have it.

Also, the large glaring face will always tempt you to keep looking at it.

However, by having it inside the wrist it is less noticeable.

This allows you to pay attention to the activity at hand. This is critical for the military.

4. Minimizes reflection

The glass or crystal will reflect highly t especially in bright lighting or sunny days.

It will have a sort-of-mirror reflection, which can easily give away your location especially if in a discrete setting.

Training yourself to wear it inside the wrist helps you to stay unidentifiable when you need to.


Other than the military, other people also do wear the watch inside the wrist.

This makes it easier to handle things, view time, minimize distraction, and reduce abrasion, bangs, and bumps.